Virtual Work-Based Learning to simulate real experience in VET digital training (vWBL)

The project vWBL "Virtual Work-Based Learning to simulate real experience in VET digital training" is focused on providing tailor-made solutions to the real needs of the VET systems in the forthcoming European post-pandemic societies, with special regards to the Work-Based-Learning (WBL) as key component of the VET having been particularly affected by the social distancing imposed also to VET teaching during the pandemic.

vWBL will propose not only virtual situations allowing to transfer alternative experience to practise, when there will be obstacles to the real work-based learning. But the vWBL project will particularly operate in the area of the competences of the VET teachers to be aware of the potential effectivenesss of the virtual vWBL (virtual Work-Based Learning) and develop competences in creating their own impacting simulations of WBL.

The project will proposed specific training to VET teachers on virtual vWBL.

Furthermore, the vWBL training will pay special attention to the digital divide issue, including in the training all necessary support to inform the VET teachers about the issue of creating vWBL that will be usuable also by students having poor digital connection or device. In this way, the project will contribute to enhance inclusion and prevent the risk that categories of learners would be disadvantaged or excluded from learning.

vWBL is promoted by seven partners from the six European countries Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Poland, which are VET institutes, outstanding HEI undertaking research and training in the VET sector, provider of IT services to education and training, VET training designers and providers and international platform motivating learning and social development in more than 20 countries in Europe.



Project contact

Jane Mägi

Avaldatud 04.02.2021. Viimati muudetud 28.08.2023.