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The aim of the project is to create opportunities and develop a model for teaching and learning green and sustainable entrepreneurial skills that are needed in today's hospitality and catering business. The project will use blended learning, where both digital skills and physical mobility are included in the model.

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In many countries, there is a great shortage of chefs and staff for the restaurant industry. With the project, we want:

  • to increase interest in vocational education,
  • create motivation and attractiveness to the industry
  • give students a broad and stable foundation to stand on with good digital knowledge, increased international experience and an understanding of cultural similarities and differences
  • to contribute the development of digital methods and training tools, which supports teachers in their professional development to increased digital preparedness.


  • Step-by-step guide for teachers about implementing GreenPopUp restaurants into everyday training process. It will support earning sustainable and entrepreneurial skills within the food & catering industry with the help of PopUp restaurants as a method.
  • The blended learning module on sustainability and entrepreneurship in catering module in a learning space in a common open platform aimed at students and teachers in European VET schools within food & catering.




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Project period

01.11.2020 -01.11.2023

Project contact

Ave Paaskivi
452 4601
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