Short overview of the school

Kuressaare Ametikool (in English: Kuressaare Regional Training Centre (KRTC)) is an educational institute that provides initial and additional vocational training and retraining in wide area of specialties both for young people and adults.

KRTC is one of the vocational schools teaching design in Estonia. Curriculas specialize on fashion styling, graphic design, videography and interaction design. Design curricula brings to study many young and adult learners from all over Estonia.

As tourism is an important industry in the region, training specialists in catering, cooking, tourism management and hotel service has important role. Construction and related fields like carpentry have also quite a number of students.

Located on an island Saaremaa with strong seamanship traditions and small craft building companies, KRTC is the only vocational school in Estonia training boat builders. KRTC is a partner at the Small Craft Competence Centrelink opens on new page at Saaremaa, hosting the SCC's technology lab that provides various services to small craft sector.

Other specialties are car repairing, business management, social work, information technology, accounting, spa therapy.

There are ca 800 regular students on upper and post-secondary level, and ca 800 adult students during a year on different adult training courses.

There are 130 staff members (incl 70 teachers)

To serve better the needs of the regional economy, RTC has strong ties with many local companies and Saaremaa labour market office.

Our curricula fields

  • Design and handicraft
  • Building and construction
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Motor vehicles
  • Small craft and boat building
  • Materials (plastic, wood, metal)
  • Care of the elderly and of disabled adults
  • Child care
  • Hair and beauty services
  • Food processing
  • Hotel, restaurants and catering
  • Travel, tourism and leisure
  • Management and administration

Two campuses

The school has 2 campuses: one near the Kuressaare town centre, another in Upa village located 5 km from the town centre. Most of the school facilities have been renovated with the support of European Union funds.

KRTC has a number of training facilities: hotel Mardilink opens on new pagerestaurant and cafe Kasslink opens on new page, modern kitchen and conference centre. All these serve customers from Saaremaa, Estonia and abroad on a daily basis.

KRTC has 7 computer classrooms with Internet connection, study workshops, student hostel and 2 student cafes - all staffed by dedicated and professional teachers whose goal is to provide the finest quality education for young people.

Disainimajakaslink opens on new page (Design Lighthouse) is school's design and handicraft building. Disainimajakas as brand covers the teaching, development work, projects and services of design and handicraft fields.

Tehnoloogiamajakaslink opens on new page (Technology Lighthouse) is school's workshop building for motor vehicles, small craft building, wood, metal and plastic works and construction. As a brand Tehnoloogiamajakas covers the teaching, development work, projects and services on these fields.

Look inside the school with our Virtual Tour!link opens on new page

KRTC is subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science. The school was founded in 1922.

The mission of Kuressaare RTC is to prepare people who would be competitive on the Estonian and international labour market and capable of handling their lives.

The skills acquired at the Kuressaare Regional Training Centre make an excellent base for lifelong learning.

Published 21.08.2018. Last changed 14.06.2022.